Why you need a Facebook business page

If you are running a business and you are not using a Facebook Like Page to promote your products and services and connect with your audience, you’re doing Facebook wrong.

Many people complain that they don’t get as many likes and interaction on their like page as their personal profile. That’s because you have put in some work to build your audience on your like page. And you can do it!

Here are a few solid reasons why you must have a Facebook business page for your business.

1. Analytics

You don’t know who you are talking to, without a Facebook business page. You don’t know how many people have seen your posts. You don’t know where they live or what interests them. These are all important audience demographics to understand.

2. Facebook Ads
You can’t run FB ads from your Facebook profile. You can only do this from your like page. Ads can start out as low as $5 and you can target “look-alike” audiences.

3. Facebook could shut you down 
Facebook can shut down your personal Facebook profile depending on activity on your page especially you are selling on your page all the time. This can result in all of your work posting and building relationships are gone. Build up your Facebook page following and share it to your personal profile but don’t use your personal profile as your sole way of selling on Facebook. Facebook did not create profiles for business use. They want you to use a business page for business use.

4. Plethora of business features
Yes, there are specific features on your business page that are not on personal profile. Including the ability to schedule posts, include business hours, list services, promote your email sign up, interact with other businesses as your business page and so much more.

5. There’s a friend limit on profiles
There’s no Facebook Page “Like” limit. You can have 500 likes or 5 million. There’s no limit. Facebook limits your number of friends to 5,000. Which may seem like a lot now, but as your business grows you don’t want to limit yourself.

6. It’s not professional!
Let’s face it. When you are building a brand there are certain expectations customers have to consider your business reputable. Just as a website is important so is a professional looking business page. Your personal profile has all of your personal life details mixed all up in your business, which is OK when talking to your friends and family. But you want and need to reach so many MORE people than just people you already know.

7. Customer Service
You can provide better customer service through a Facebook business page. You can miss direct messages on your personal profile. Direct messages and notifications are organized on your business Facebook page.

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