Meet Sheila

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Sheila Ellis-Glasper

Founder and Marketing Strategist, SEG Media Collective

Sheila Ellis-Glasper is dedicated to helping creative, purpose-driven business owners build and execute winning social media strategies.

She began her professional career as a reporter for the Associated Press and Roanoke Times. In 2009, she quickly realized the importance of using social media to build relationships and to stay ahead of the competition in her reporting career.

After starting her family and becoming a mother, she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey with the creation of inspirational jewelry and apparel business, Precious Heart Designs. She ships her handcrafted products all over the world, with thousands of social media followers and celebrity endorsements solely through the power of social media.

She is the former social media manager for Kansas State University. In her role at Kansas State, she built the university’s social media presence to be recognized as a top university on social media in the nation.

Sheila has served as the social media consultant for the Kansas Small Business Development Center and founded SEG Media Collective LLC in 2016 to provide social media consulting and management services to businesses worldwide.