3 marketing must-haves for your next vendor event

In this blog post, I will detail the essentials marketing items needed to make an awesome impression at Vendor events. There are several things you probably already know like having clear and consistent pricing, stellar products, setting up a display to draw interest and attention, lighting, ect., but here are a few marketing must-haves for your next vendor event.

1.) Clear signage of your business name. Signage is so super important. Aside from your actual products, your signage is the second most important part of your display. Depending on the type of space you are setting up you will need clear and professional signage to convey your brand to people who have never heard of your brand before.

Some of your options:

Horizontal Banner

Poster with a stand to use at table

Vertical Banner

2.) Email list sign up sheet!

Even if you have not started an email list yet, a vendor event is a great time to start. You are meeting new people who you want to connect with in the future. By having their email addresses you don’t have to wait until they follow you on social media or contact you to connect.

Email list must haves:

If you are already set up on a tool like MailChimp, you could just have an iPad set up for people to sign up via your website capture.

You may also have a physical form with your branding. Attach the form to a clipboard and have it placed prominently on your table with a pen.

After you talk to a customer who is very interested in your business or has purchased, you can say. “By the way, I have an email list that I send out exclusive emails and updates to my VIP clients. Would you like to sign up? Just add your name and email to the form.

You can make it fun by offering to giveaway a free product or service for those who sign up. You can draw a name from the list and contact them after the event.

You can also send an email out to your new subscribers after the event with a special coupon code or offer after the event and thank them for stopping by your booth.

In this email, ask them to connect with you on social media, too!

  1. Business cards, brochures, rack cards or postcards.

Be sure to have printed material to give to customers when they make a purchase or just come by to browse your table. Consider printing a postcard with a special offer with an expiration date.

3. Take photos and share your event via social media.

Take photos of your customers you met during the event and share them on social media. Not only does this serve as a way for you to connect with your new customers after the event, it shows your current followers how your business is growing and engaging at in-person events.